Our kitesurf club
We are located in Camping La Mandragola in Santa Lucía / La Caletta, Sardinia, which is an hour south of Olbia by car or bus.

Can't find us on the camping?
Whenever there is no wind, we're not on the beach and the school is closed. We might be doing some repairs, some SUP, some wakeboarding, some cleaning, some relaxing... Just send us a whatsapp and we will make sure you know when there is wind to kitesurf!

By bus
There's a direct bus from Olbia Airport to the camping! It goes several times a day, is airconditioned and costs about 8€. It stops right next to the camping - just enter the camping and walk towards the beach and you'll find us there!

By car
You need to leave Olbia in direction Nuoro, keep driving south until you have the exit of Posada and then keep following signs for La Caletta / Santa Lucia. You can navigate to the following address: Via Villa dei Pini 1, Siniscola.

Your kitesurf session
Whenever there is no wind, the kitesurf session (lesson, rental, supervision; what you have planned) gets cancelled. You don't pay for this, of course!

Other things to do
On non windy days, instead of kitesurfing, you can go do some SUP along the beach, rent a boat, go wakeboarding, go windsurfing, so many things to do!

Windfinder is one of the website used to statically predict the wind. Try to find the La Caletta Superforecast. For our area, the forecast is not reliable until one or two days in advance!

Windy is a very innovative website which shows windmaps over the area, so you can see where the wind comes from, if anything is blocking it, if there's any storms ahead, you name it!

Windguru, like Windfinder, is a static wind forecast website. It's a little less reliable in our area, so we tend not to use it.

We fly Ozone kites, currently we're using the 2021 Catalyst V3 and Alpha V2 for our classes.

We use Blankforce boards, we have different models and sizes to fit everyone's needs.

Harnesses and leashes from Ozone, ONDA wetsuits

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