Kitesurf Course in Sardinia

2 days / 6 hours / €340: Our lessons are semi-private, meaning there is a maximum of two students per instructor, with the aim of using a kite per student as soon as possible. We always adapt the kitesurf lessons to your progress and learning speed. The following overview is an indication of what you can expect during the course:

Course steps

This is an overview of the course steps of the beginners course.


Hello kite!

Basic kite control, how to setup a kite & safety. The first hour is aimed at teaching you a basic understanding of the kite and how to use it safely. We will start with flying a small kite, to teach you basic steering skills. This is followed by an explanation and practise of setting up the kite and bar in the correct way.

Hello water!

In the second part of the kitesurf lesson we will jump in the boat and take you away from the beach so you have lots of space, where we can start your first kitesurf water practice. We will go into the water without the board, using the power of the kite to go body surfing through the water like superman. Great fun! Relax your body, focus on the kitecontrol and create power by moving the kite. We will also practice the relaunch; this is how to get the kite out of the water when it falls, which will make you more independent.

Hello board!

We will start this lesson with half an hour of theory, covering everything you need to know about the kitesurf board and the waterstart. You will learn about the right board position, where to put your weight and how to control the board. Once all the info is perfectly clear, we will jump in the boat, ready for action! In the water we will warm up with some one hand kitecontrol so you will be prepared to have the other hand free to put the board on your feet. Next step... Board... Exciting!!! Once you have the board on your feet we will practice the first waterstarts, with exercises to get your weight out of the water and on top of the board. 
And after this?

After the last lesson some people will be up and riding and practising independently, others need a little more time, this of course is personal and depends on your kitesurf learning curve. Once the beginner kitesurf course is completed, you can continue with the single kitesurf lesson or the supervsion rental session. This depends on your learning speed. This decision will be made together with your instructor.

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